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It is a precise and advanced medical specialty. Doctors use interventional radiology to treat many diseases and cancerous tumors. Furthermore, interventional radiology is used by directing it by some medical devices such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and computed tomography.
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Select through CliniDo platform, and choose the suitable price of interventional radiology among a bunch of the best specialists in interventional radiology.
Through the Clinido doctors booking platform, follow these steps:
  1. Choose an interventional radiology specialty
  2. Choose your province.
  3. Choose your area.
  4. Click search.
CliniDo helps you find the best radiologist in your region, at an affordable price, by seeing the reviews of other people who visited the doctor before you and by making an online reservation for an interventional radiologist.
Steps to book a doctor online specializing in interventional radiology:
  1. Choose an interventional radiology specialty
  2. Choose an interventional radiologist according to the price that suits you, the appropriate date for you, and the doctor near you, then Register your details and book the best interventional radiologist.
  3. Your reservation will be confirmed by message at the best interventional radiologist.
The steps to confirm a booking with the best interventional radiologist are:
  1. Choose a specialty
  2. Choose the best doctor based on the reviews of the people who visited him before you
  3. Register your information (your name and phone number)
  4. Your reservation with the best interventional radiologist will be confirmed by message and notification on the application CliniDo.

Medical topics FAQ

Interventional radiology treats many diseases. It includes liver cancer, uterine fibroids, varicocele, spleen enlargement, liver tumors of all kinds, benign and malignant, stomach bleeding, ascites, esophageal varices, stomach bleeding, varicose veins, treatment of prostate enlargement, obstruction of Biliary ducts, the installation of stents and therapeutic catheters, the expansion of blood vessels.
Among the cases treated by interventional radiology, varicocele using catheters is the latest treatment method for varicocele, where the vein causing varicose veins is closed by injecting a resin that works to close the vein, which is performed under local anesthetic.