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Browse the best gynecologist on, see patients reviews, see clinic features and services and book your appointment.
Go to Choose speciality gynecology and city, filter results and choose a doctor with a suitable booking fee for you.
Gynecologists treat different diseases including menstrual problems, pregnancy follow up, natural delivery, cesarean, female genital diseases section, women's infertility problems, ovarian cancer, pelvic floor problems and vaginal infections
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CliniDo helps you to find the best gynecologist in your area with the proper price. Browse and see reviews of previous patients that went through the whole experience
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The cost differs depending on the doctor, the different methods of surgery, and the tools used. Book a general surgeon and find out the most proper method for you. .
Prices differ according to the techniques used, choose a microinjection doctor from among a large number of doctors at a suitable price for you, and book with a microinjection doctor to find out the most appropriate technique for the case.

Medical topics FAQ

Natural childbirth has many benefits for the embryo, the most important of which is strengthening the child’s immune system. Because the child, while passing through the birth process, acquires a beneficial type of bacteria, which is the beneficial vaginal bacteria (Lactobacillus species bacteria).
One of the most popular methods of contraception is the Intrauterine system (IUS) sold under the brand name Mirena Discover more about contraceptives and follow up with a doctor to use the most suitable contraceptive for you
The difference between them is the details. 3D ultrasound shows more accurate information than 4D ultrasound. Learn more about the difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound.
Certain diseases, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, obesity, and hormonal imbalances, can contribute to recurrent miscarriages.
Fibroids are diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or sonography of the uterus.
To relieve abdominal cramping during pregnancy, ensure regular water intake, apply hot compresses to the abdomen, avoid sudden or rapid movements, and incorporate safe exercises.
Cervical cancer prevention involves periodic Pap tests, abstaining from smoking, and consulting with a doctor about available vaccinations to prevent this disease.