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How to book a doctor FAQ

Browse best general surgeon on, see patients reviews, see clinic features and services and book your appointment.
Go to Choose speciality (general surgery) and city, filter results and choose a doctor with a suitable booking fee for you.
Go to
  1. Choose a specialty (general surgery).
  2. Choose your city.
  3. Choose your area.
  4. Click the search button.
CliniDo helps you to find best general surgeons in your area with the proper price.Browse and see reviews of previous patients and have the full experience.
Go to
  1. Choose a specialty (general surgery).
  2. Choose the best general surgeon with reasonable booking fees near you.
  3. Enter the required data.
  4. You will get an SMS to confirm your appointment.
Follow these instructions:
  1. Choose a specialty (general surgery).
  2. Choose the best general surgeon according to previous reviews.
  3. Enter your Name & phone number.
  4. You will receive a confirmation sms & notification on CliniDo app.

Medical topics FAQ

A general surgeon treats diseases through surgical intervention such as bowel surgeries, stomach surgeries, esophagus surgeries, spleen surgeries, pancreas surgeries, gallbladder and liver surgeries, colon surgeries and other different surgeries including laparoscopic surgeries.
Surgery is a primary treatment for Hemorrhoids, and some analgesic creams help relieve pain.
It involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in the stomach, which reduces the amount of food that a person needs to feel full, which helps in weight loss.
If there are stones, a doctor recommends gallbladder surgery.
A bloated Stomach is accompanied by pain when lifting heavy objects or bending over.

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