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Medical topics FAQ

Pain management treats pain and sudden pain problems, such as headaches and various types of chronic long-term pain such as lower back pain, including treatment plan, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
The causes of the lower back pain are carrying heavy things, osteoporosis spine, and back muscle strain.
The causes of neck pain are frequent neck bending and herniated disc.
In cases when there is no foot injury, the doctor advises moving by wearing comfy shoes.
Doctors treat back pain by two methods, some exercises (such as stretching and yoga) or medicine, such as analgesic creams.
The causes of bone pain are calcium deficiency, arthritis, and nonunion (Non-healing fracture).
Thermal frequency therapy is a therapeutic technique to alleviate inflammation from nerve roots caused by pressure on the nerves due to disc compression. In this procedure, nerve roots are injected with anti-inflammatory substances. It serves as an alternative to surgeries and their numerous complications.
Thermal frequency therapy is a technique that helps patients recover from herniated disc pain and avoids unnecessary surgery. The frequency is applied only once and does not require repetition. The disc naturally contracts in size, moving away from the nerve root, especially when the patient adheres to proper spinal behavioral patterns.
Migraines occur in the form of recurrent attacks, characterized by severe pain on one side or half of the head in pulsating, bothersome pulses that typically last from two to 72 hours. The cause is the constriction and relaxation of the walls of the veins on one side of the brain.