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Browse best maxillofacial surgery doctors on, see patients reviews, see clinic features and services and book your appointment.
Go to Choose speciality (maxillofacial surgery) and city, filter results and choose a doctor with a suitable booking fee for you.
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  1. Choose a specialty (maxillofacial surgery).
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  4. Click the search button.
CliniDo helps you to find best maxillofacial surgeron in your area with the proper price.Browse and see reviews of previous patients and have the full experience.
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  2. Choose the best maxillofacial surgeon with reasonable booking fees near you.
  3. Enter the required data.
  4. You will get an SMS to confirm your appointment.
Follow these instructions:
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  4. You will receive a confirmation sms & notification on CliniDo app.

Medical topics FAQ

A maxillofacial surgery treats gallbladder and biliary problems, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver cancer, liver fibrosis, hepatitis failure and fatty liver.
A maxillofacial surgeon treats facial and jaw surgeries, dental surgeries, teeth structure surgeries, wisdom tooth procedures, facial structure cases, facial fracture cases and all kinds of fillings.
There are large numbers of dental implants, including porcelain, zirconium, E-max, Biohpp, and PMMA.
Temporary fillings may cause bad breath in a few cases, such as the continuation of the temporary filling for a long time, lack of attention to dental hygiene, and the temporary filling material.
Treatment is Orthodontics to correct the position of the teeth and regulate the occlusion of the upper teeth with the lower teeth correctly.
Yes, it may fall out after a long period as a result of tooth decay beneath it. In this case, the doctor may treat the tooth beneath it and reconstruct it, or remove this tooth and replace it with an implant in its place.
If it does not grow completely and part of it disappears under the gum, it may cause inflammation of the gum and a bad odour in the mouth due to the accumulation of food remains and the difficulty of cleaning the place, in addition to crowding the adjacent teeth and damaging their roots if there is not enough place for it to grow.