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Medical topics FAQ

A cardiothoracic surgeon treats cardiac and thoracic diseases through surgery including open heart surgeries, coronary arterial surgeries, heart valve change, aorta surgeries, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, lung tumors, chest injuries and esophagus surgeries.
It is a procedure by a surgeon when heart problems occur, such as blockage in the arteries or aortic valve stenosis.
Aortic valve stenosis treatment is by replacing the damaged artery valve, and in the case of valve blockage, they treat it with anticoagulants.
Treatment of cardiomegaly (An enlarged heart) is by implanting a cardiac pacemaker, which helps improve the patient's life.
Doctors use a cardiac catheterization procedure when the hole in the heart does not close naturally.
The symptoms of lung cancer are a persistent cough, hemoptysis, severe chest pain, and its treatment through chemotherapy or surgery.
Coronary artery bypass surgery using a catheter is a common procedure in heart surgery to improve blood flow to the heart. It is a safe procedure, but like any surgery, some complications can occur, such as bleeding or damage of blood vessels from the catheter.
Open-heart surgery takes about 3-6 hours, depending on the patient's condition, and the doctor completely anaesthetises the patient during the procedure.
The success rate of the operation reaches 98% of cases, but some complications may occur, including bleeding, infection, clots, and irregular heartbeat in some patients, but this improves with time, and the patient may need a pacemaker.