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Medical topics FAQ

A neurosurgeon treats different kinds of nervous system diseases and proceeds through surgical intervention in the form of brain tumors, head, brain, spine and spinal cord injuries, back pain, erosion of spinal fracture and ruptured disc.
  1. Nervous system diseases
  2. Nervous system surgical intervention
  3. Brain tumors
  4. Spinal cord cases
  5. Head, brain, spine and injuries
  6. Back pain
  7. Erosion of spinal fracture
  8. Ruptured disc
Surgery plays a role in some cases, but physicians recommend that treatment should be started within 72 hours of the beginning of the injury so that the pace of retort to treatment is efficient and also to avoid serious complications that may result from the delay in treatment.
In most cases, doctors prescribe medication or surgical intervention in cases of nervecompression and physical injury.
In most cases, chemotherapy plays a main role in the treatment journey, but if the body does not respond to treatment, surgical intervention is plan B.