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Medical topics FAQ

Yes, a spinal surgeon conduct Adult Spine Surgery, Pediatric Spine Surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Spinal Fuse, Spinal Torsion Treat Spinal Cord Decompression, and Spinal Nerve Root Decompression, Herniated Disc
A spinal surgeon treats spinal cases, spinal surgeries for adults, spinal surgeries for pediatric, periscopic spinal surgery, Spinal amalgamation. It treats spinal problems, such as constriction of the spine, spinal curvature, pressure on spinal nerve, herniated disc, and spinal tumors.
A spinal surgeries includes:
  1. Spinal cases
  2. Spinal surgeries for adults
  3. Spinal surgeries for pediatric
  4. Periscopic spinal surgery
  5. Spinal amalgamation.
  6. Constriction of the spine
  7. Spinal curvature
  8. Pressure on spinal nerve
  9. Herniated disc
  10. Spinal tumors.
The symptoms of the herniated disk include severe pain in the middle of the body, unexplained weakness of the muscles of the body, tingling and pain in the area of the injury, and pain when sitting or standing for a long time.
In most cases, the treatment is the surgeon inserts a catheter into the compressed vertebra. They use a catheter to inject the fractured vertebrae with bone cement, so which patient can move naturally again.
In most cases, the patient uses back braces, and in some people, in case of nerve injury, they will direct to surgery.
In most cases, the treatment is the use of neck braces. In some cases of nerve injury, they will direct to surgery.
The treatment for Inflammatory disorders of the spine uses some creams that help treat infections and some treatment sessions.
Spinal cord disorders can lead to paralysis and loss of bladder control, so it is essential to seek regular medical follow-ups with a specialist.
The treatment for chondrosarcoma is determined based on the patient's health condition, the location of the tumor, the extent of its spread, and its rate of growth.
Genetic factors, use of prohibited medications during pregnancy, weight gain, increased body temperature, and also diabetes can lead to spinal bifida (cleft spine).
We determine the treatment based on the cause of the disease, and the doctor can assess the damages and their severity. The doctor can decide whether non-surgical treatments are possible, or if surgical intervention is necessary.