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Browse best nephrologists on, see patients reviews, see clinic features and services and book your appointment.
Go to Choose speciality (Nephrology) and city, filter results and choose a doctor with a suitable booking fee for you.
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  4. Click the search button.
CliniDo helps you to find the best nephrologists in your area with the proper price. Browse and see reviews of previous patients that went through the whole experience
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  3. Enter the required data.
  4. You will get a booking confirmation.
Follow these instructions:
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  2. Choose the best hepatologist doctor according to previous reviews.
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Medical topics FAQ

Yes, a nephrologist treats kidney stones, kidney failure and other conditions affecting the kidneys
An nephrology is a subspecialty of internal diseases dealing with kidney diseases, kidney pebbles, kidney failure and kidney-affecting conditions controlling high creatinine level.
The causes of kidney failure are lack of drinking water, eating a lot of red meat, and kidney stones.
The symptoms of kidney failure are swollen feet, nausea, weakness in the body, and irregular heartbeat.
Treatment of kidney stones is through some medicines that ease urination and drinking large amounts of water.
Symptoms of nephritis are constantly burning with urination and severe pain in the back with nausea and vomiting.
It is less than (1). If the creatinine level in the blood is higher than (4), the patient will need kidney dialysis.